Luxury & Excellence


Hautevile has become synonymous with luxury, elegance, innovation and good taste.

Acting in the market for over a decade, we are an Angolan capital company that is now recognized by the confidence that deserves from its Clients.

What is our mission? Offer you the best of Luanda!


Hautevile Real Estate activity is guided by the strategic vision and the constant monitoring of the market trends, developing projects with added value and potential for increasing profitability. For this reason, among our Clients, we have reference entities and international companies who contact us and intend complete and financially advantageous solutions, for whom the keyword is Trust!

Luanda is the third largest speaking city in the world and is one of the most expensive cities of today, reflecting Angola’s dynamic economy. A Modern and Cosmopolitan city, your travel itinerary should include a visit to the luxury hotels, restaurants and bars, combining it with the country natural beauties which gives it its authenticity.
Un unmissable destination for Tourists and global Financialists.

Luanda Real Estate market is in a new phase of expansion and has the highest real estate occupancy rate of the Planet. The requalification of the Capital brings together the best Engineering and Architectural projects of today. At the same time, the Economic and Business growth is at the top of the countries worldwide.

Hautevile group brings you the best from Portugal, through Luxevile, the brand created to actuate in the european Real Estate market. Focusing Lisbon, Oporto, Algarve, among other regions, Luxevile presents a Properties Collection, with the best housing options – to live, vacation, or investment – always ensuring the profitability through the possibility of renting. Just enjoy your stay in Portugal. Luxevile handles everything for you and for your property. 


Hautevile tells a story with 12 years of dedication to the Angolan Real Estate .
With a release rate of a new project by year, we founded our values ​​in earnest, rigor and quality that result in satisfaction and loyalty.
For us, each Client is unique, as well as its Property.


In order to provide Real Estate in the most exclusive areas to live, Hautevile invested in Talatona, the prime area of Luanda. In 2004, we started the Mama Muxima condominium with individual villas on plots of great dimension. Between 2005 and 2006, it follows the condominium Vila Sol, with a big number of villas which included all the amenities. The evolution followed the same strategy and between 2007 and 2008 we completed the Old Villas condominium, raising our positioning and adding value delivered to each Client.

In 2009, keeping the focus on the premium market, we provide 21 luxury villas with the condominium Vale do Embondeiro, characterized by the elegance and good taste. In the same year, we also completed the condominium Terra̤os do Atl̢ntico, which is nowadays a reference in Talatona, with apartments overlooking the Mussulo Island. In the following biennium, during 2010 and 2011, Hautevile stood out with three big projects of modern architecture Рthe condominiums Luanda, Kyanda and Talatona Blue.

Driven by the vanguardist architecture, in 2012, we inaugurated the Talatona Gold condominium with the same type of housing developed in the condominium Talatona Blue. And to complete a decade of activity in Angola, we launched an innovative concept of luxury villas totaly customized with the condominium Talatona Diamante. Proceeding on the path of innovation, in 2015, Hautevile have already started the construction of what will be the best hotel unit in Talatona, the Olympus Aparthotel. Along this year, we have other novelties to present to the Real Estate Market.