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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown restrictions created a new normal for Realtors. These guidelines may stay with us for some time, so it’s important to follow them closely.

Technology is more important than ever before, as open houses must go virtual. That’s made them more restricted, too. Invest in good video and drone footage to aid in your home selling efforts. These tools can help you deliver a virtual open house that homebuyers can enjoy from the comfort of their homes or on the go using their iOS or Android mobile devices.

In some areas, you can provide potential buyers with in-home showings again. Be prepared with a process that you, as either the listing agent or buyer’s agent, can follow to ensure the utmost health and safety for all. This means having a written policy for walk-throughs. The National Association of Realtors has an extensive guide for addressing this situation with home sellers and home buyers.

2. Be ready with research and answers
Whether you’re showing a house to first-time buyers or hosting an open house, you need to have a wealth of knowledge. This includes being able to answer questions about the house, the neighborhood, and the surrounding area. If open house attendees are new to the area, they may have numerous questions about the city, schools, crime rates, and even the weather.

Other questions from potential buyers may focus on the home’s asking price and whether it’s in line with other recent sales. It’s a good idea to pull those comps from the MLS Multiple Listing Service Listings and have them available. Buyers will do their own research on Google and sites like Zillow and Redfin to check out real estate photos, but they value the expert perspective of the Realtor representing them about whether or not their offer is fair.

3. Create a ready-to-buy vibe
First impressions are everything for potential buyers, from curb appeal and the front door to the interior. Everything must work together to make them feel at home. As the seller’s agent, collaborate with your clients to create that great first impression. This usually means helping them transform the house from their personal castle to a blank canvas that buyers can see as their own.

It’s especially important for sellers to declutter the home, including packing up personal effects like photos, art, and knickknacks. Hide the trash bins and light a candle or use air fresheners to create a pleasant vibe. Some realtors even offer freshly baked cookies or pie at



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